Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 3 - Jagalchi Market Part 3 - Jagalchi Market

Finally arrived at the famous biggest fish market in Korea.

Wow there's so many stalls in the market but most sold almost the same type of seafood, sometimes I wonder if they overfish?

So many abalones for sale in this stall.

Above the market are some eateries where you could just order seafood from them or you could purchase seafood from the market below and get them to cook for a fee.

If you are curious, I did not eat any seafood in Busan cause Busan is so near Japan and due to the huge amount of radiation water flows to the sea, I am not sure if these fishes are affected by the radiation. This is just my personal opinion and another being my family's bad history of cancer among family members so I am very high risk so not taking a chance.

I wish Japan would solve the nuclear plant's problem safely and quickly so that I could visit Japan soon. Was supposed to visit Japan in March 2011 but due to the earthquake and tsunami, had to cancel my Japan's trip. :(

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Behind the market, is Busan port, we could see a nice view and also a view of Gamcheon Culture Village.

Try to visit both Gamcheon Culture Village and Jagalchi Market together since they are so close to each other.

Video of the market

Video of Busan Port just outside Jagalchi Market.

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