Friday, November 29, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Lotte Mart

After a much needed rest in the hotel, at night we decided to head to Lotte Mart which is located above Seoul Subway Station which is one station away from City Hall Station where are our hotel was located.

Lotte Mart is a South Korean hypermarket that sells a variety of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods. It is also very popular with tourists with their souvenirs and local products.

At City Hall Station, we decided to use the stairs as the escalator was at exit 5, did not want to use too much leg power due to our tiredness lol.

Interesting to note that they had food vending machine at the platform where we were waiting for the train to arrive. In South Korea, commuters are allowed to eat and drink in the train unlike in Singapore where we would be fined if we were to eat and drink in the train. Their trains and stations are still very clean even though they allowed commuters to eat and drink.

You are not alone waiting for the train to arrive, the cute pinnochio will accompany you to wait.

Upon arrival at Seoul Subway Station, we just had to follow the directions which stated Lotte Mart or EXIT 1 of Seoul Subway Station.

There were fast food restaurants, other restaurants and food court in the building and we choose to eat at the food court. I must be too tired to even remember to take photo of our dinner lol.

Did not venture far out of Seoul Station, perhaps the next time I might choose to stay at hotel near this station and venture around the area.

Do look out for the famous Happy Call Pan, they are so much cheaper than those sold in Singapore. Dont worry about heavy stuff, you can use EMS overseas shipping service if you buy stuff in Lottemart. Accessible at EMS reception desk in Lottemart.

They even have a hydro farm for the greens, that's how fresh they can be.

First time I seen cooked rice being sold. They comes in packs of three or more, all you have to do is to put the cooked rice in microwave to heat it up.

Lotte mart dont provide plastic bags, you need to pay for the plastic bags but you can pack your own in cartons which are free of charge.

We observed how the others pack their stuff first before attempting to pack ours hahaha. The difficult part was how to cut the masking tape from the rolled tape hahaha, a Japanese tourist taught us to just press the white plastic cutter and cut the tape away. Hahaha we are not used to packing our own shopping goods.

Did not buy kimchi or seaweed, easily available in Singapore, so I got a lot of boxes of these snacks, they tasted so good and makes good gifts too.

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