Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip - Day 2 - Bujeon Market

Before we two old folks head back to the hotel for some rest, we visited Bujeon Market just above Bujeon Station and beside IBIS Busan Hotel. It is the largest market in Busan with more than 200 stalls, so it is common to see housewives pushing trolleys of marketing to and fro Bujeon Station.

Fruits are reasonably priced, cheaper than in Supermarkets, we bought some back to eat, you need a knife to cut these fruits, as usual I always pack a plastic knife with me whenever I travelled solely for these purposes. :)

Saw an old lady selling these ginseng by the roadside, think they are of poorer quality.

The market was quiet when we were there cause was in the afternoon nearer to closing time, will be very crowded in the morning.

Seafood is most popular in the market although they too sell spices, household items, etc. We were so fascinated by the huge octopus.

Dried food mostly used for cooking soup.

Very huge dried chilli.

Ladies selling salt, I found the salt in Korea tasted salty and was of good quality. I get to eat it during some meals.

Vendors pushing some of the goods to the center of the market to sell it at special prices to get rid of the products before closing time.

Did not see any slippers or sandals to my liking even though they are cheap. See if you can find any to your liking.

Hahaha spotted pig's blood curd sold at one of the food stall reminded me during my childhood, I ate a lot of these but strangely now I dont even dare touch it.

Stall selling better ginseng as compared to the earlier photo of the woman selling by the roadside.

Try to visit this market when you are in Busan, very interesting to see the various type of food sold in the market.

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