Saturday, November 16, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 4 - Taking KTX Train from Busan to Seoul

Day 4,our last morning in Busan, headed to the underground mall infront of IBIS Hotel to have our breakfast, saw this little cafe selling some breakfast items. Lucky they had pictured menu on the walls of their cafe, so we just pointed to what we wanted lol.

Had some salad sandwiches and coffee, 3500 won for the sandwiches and coffee costs 2500 won.

After checking out of IBIS Hotel, we took the subway to Busan Station to take the KTX Train back to Seoul.

As we had already collected our return tickets on Day 1, so we dont have to queue to get our return tickets from Busan KTX Station. Refer to my earlier post.

There's lot of snack shops and restaurants where we could purchase food to eat in the train or choose to eat in the restaurants.

Saw this fast food restaurant selling some light food.

Prefer to eat something light in the train, am glad my rice cup contains some nice sweet and spicy sauce with onions, rice, some silver fish, egg strips and seaweed. It really tasted good and just nice for me. Hubby had Lotteria burger (he took a fast bite before I could take photo lol).

Same as first day, we just need to take note of the track no of our train.

You can choose to purchase your lunch from the train crew too.

Took the scenery of the countryside from inside of the KTX Train.

Finally after almost 3 hrs, we arrived at Seoul Station, we made our way to the subway station to take a train down to City Hall Station, one station away from Seoul Station.

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