Monday, November 10, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 3 -CityInn Hotel Branch Three Taipei

City Inn Hotel Branch Two and Three are side by side, so do not go in the wrong hotel lol. Very nice and cozy hotel with good reviews. Do note that Cityinn Hotel Branch 3 had a late check in at 3 pm and check out is 12 noon. As we were there around noon, we decided to leave our suitcases (8 pieces) in the lobby in locked room and then returned after 3 pm to check into the rooms.

We stayed there in October and that's the time the hotel were filled with lots of Halloween decorations.

There is a 24-hour self service kitchen with refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster and coffee machine. All free for guests to use.

In the hotel rooms, there will not be any minibar/fridge, you have to use the common refrigerator in the kitchen but do remember to write your name and placed together with your item. I dont have any problem with not having a fridge in the room cause the kitchen have both hot and cold drinks that we can bring up to our room any time or have the drinks in the lobby.

There is a self-service Laundry room located on the main floor, it provides washing machines, tumble dryers and irons. Free to use them 24 hours a day. They provide free detergent too.

There are two PC for guests to surf on-line or just check their e-mails.

The hotel looked beautifully designed and cute. Waste no time in taking lots of photo of the hotel. Even the lift doors looked so cute.

Guess what's wrong with the lift buttons?

They are even so considerate to place a weighing scale at the lobby with different airlines baggage allowance information.

Try to get higher floors to avoid noises from the road. We had the seventh floors. The only negative about this hotel is that is not sound proof, we can heard people talking when they walked along the corridors.

Different rooms had different country theme painted on the doors, so cute. Try guessing my room door's design.

Inside the room, is rather small and our room does not comes with window. I am not complaining cause I am rather small size and dont really need big space as most of the time we will be out sightseeing, but most important, the room is very clean.

Dressing table cum drinks corner, I dont even need to use the flask to boil water to make coffee, we just get our ready coffee and cold lemon tea from the kitchen downstairs hahaha.

Only disappointed there's no wardrobe, we had to hang our clothes above this dressing table, there's a rack with hangers.

The showers and toilet are separated into two different rooms and the sink is outside the bathroom.

For the price we were paying, this hotel is really worth cause it is very clean and free uses of the kitchen, laundry and wifi and most important very friendly and good hotel staff. They even tell us where to go for famous taiwanese breakfast or any informaton we needed. Oh the hotel dont provide breakfast but nearby the hotel are many nice eateries providing taiwanese breakfast, KFC, Macdonald, etc.

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