Sunday, November 02, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 2 -Taichung Sightseeing Part 2 - Sun Moon Lake

Although I have visited Sun Moon Lake during my honeymoon thirty years ago, we did not get to take the boat rides around the islands.

There were few companies offering the boat services to and fro the islands. You just need to recognize them from their companies's tee shirt.

They would stamp their logo on our hands so as to differentiate the different boat's customers.

The boats will take either the forward and reverse routes and moor at the three piers (Shuishe, Ita Thao and Syuanguang Piers). You may take different boats in the same direction (either forward or reverse direction), but not boats going to different directions as they belong to different boat operators. See more information from source.

The boat fare is NT300 per adult but we managed to get a discounted ticket NT250 for my brother in law who is 65 years old (senior citizen fare).

A map of the island and the piers will be given upon purchasing the tickets.

The first stop was Syuanguang Pier where the famous Tea Leaf Egg Ah Po makes her millions just selling eggs at this location. We were lucky the queue was short, if it was a weekend, the queues is definitely very long. Did not find any special about the eggs. There's a temple at the top of the hill but need climb many steps to reach the temple, did not attempt to climb.

The next stop was Yidashao.

Our lunch was going round the village eating and tasting all the snacks.

After going round the village, we take the boat back to where we first board the boat and had the ferry operator to contact our cab via his namecard to fetch us.

Sun Moon Lake was one of the places included in our one day Taichung's sightseeing by our rented cab. If you wish to use the public transport to visit Sun Moon Lake only, you can visit this very informative blog for more information.

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