Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - How to go to Chia Te (佳德糕餅) famous Pineapple Pastry Shop. Taipei by Public Transport

Decided to get Taiwan famous pineapple cakes from Chia Te (佳德糕餅), like the pineapple cakes so much when our Taiwanese friends bought for us.

Firstly, we need to top up our MRT Card (collected from Taiwan Tourist Board, Singapore before our arrival), just top up from any MRT Station.

We then made our way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station and exit by Exit 5. Now I am mad, in our excitement of getting the pastry, it did not occured to us to visit Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall (via Exit 4), next year I might be visiting Taiwan again, so I must remember this hahaha.

Once exit from the station, turn right and there's a bus stop at the corner. We did not take any bus, cause we did not know what bus to take and thought the shop look very near as per the map but it was really a 30 minute walk. Do take the bus, I think is about three bus stop away, I think bus 204 goes there as per Chia Te's website.

Will update the information on the bus no. and the number of stops from here when I ever visit Taiwan again.

The bus stop is directly opposite United Hotel. There's should be buses from here to Chiate Pastry Shop.

If you prefer to walk, you can walked along Guangfu S. Road and turn right on reaching Nanjing East Road Section 5(see below map).

We were there before 3 pm and a weekday, there were no queue at all and we managed to get our pastry with no problem and no queueing and best of all, the pastry were just freshly baked.

The most famous pastry in the shop is the pineapple cakes, they comes in many flavours but I prefer the original flavour. One box can contain 6 pieces of the pineapple cake and we can mixed different flavour of the cake in one box. For original flavour, we can get the ready packed box from the counter. We bought about 12 boxes of pineapple cakes, 5 boxes of sun biscuits and assortment of wedding cakes, etc.

These were the wedding cakes, cut into quarter slices from the round wedding cake. I am surprised the wedding cakes tasted very good.

Happy shoppers

The bus stops were in the middle of the road.

We need to take Bus 204 from the bus stop directly infront of Chiate Pastry Shop.

The bus stop infront of Chiate Pastry Shop is known as Nanjing and Samin Intersection bus stop, we need to get off at the 3rd bus stop at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station.

We were in the bus stop in the middle of the road, you can see Chia Te's shop name through the bus's window.

Do not worry about missing the bus, the next bus comes in exactly 10 minutes, very punctual. This is what I like about Taiwan's public transportation, very efficient.

There will be announcement in the bus indicating the name of the next bus stop in mandarin, I cannot remember if they also announced in English.You can count the number of bus stops(through the number of announcement made in the bus) i.e. three bus stop excluding the bus stop that you board the bus. In addition, you can show the map of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall to the bus driver, am sure he will alert you when you reach your destination.

We can use our MRT card to pay for the bus fare, tap on the scanner only when alighting. For cash payment is NT15 for adult, pay only when alighting.

The bus stop we alighted is near United Hotel.


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