Thursday, November 06, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 -Day 2- Last night in Taichung - Fengjia Night Market

Last night in Taichung, after a good rest and bath from the whole day sightseeing and the hot weather "killing" us(suppose to be cool autumn but temperature suddenly raised to 30 degress Celsius), we headed to Fengjia Night Market again for dinner and last minute shopping in Taichung.

Dinner was at this little cafe near the Fengjia University.

Fried rice with chicken and salted fish but did not taste any salted fish hahaha but was tasty enough to please us.

Fried beef noodle - ooo love the noodle - very delicious.

Ban Main with soup. We only order three dishes for four of us cause after dinner, we went snacking at the several food stalls at the night market.

Love the papaya milkshake

Eat and Shop and Shop and Eat at the night market.

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