Saturday, November 01, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 2 - Sightseeing in Taichung Part 1

Day 2 - We booked a cab through the hotel, for a day's of sightseeing at NT4000, we can arranged with the driver the places we wished to visit or ask the driver for a suggested itinerary.

The best part was we could use the free wifi of the driver with the password he provided us. Hahaha so we were too busy posting updates on our sightseeing inside the cab.

The places I posted here were in random and not in sequence with which we visited first.

He brought us to King's Garden is actually a pastry/souvenir shop selling Taichung's local products but the garden is attractive and nice place to take photos. Did not buy much pastry and cakes cause there's expiry date on the products and we still have quite a number of days to cover in Taiwan so not wise to buy the products so soon.

Peacock Garden is just a small garden with lots of peacock but the hot weather is killing us even though is Autumn. The temperature suddenly sore to 30 degrees Celsius from 24 degrees Celsius two days before we arrived in Taiwan.

18 Degrees Celsius Chocolate Factory was one of the stop in our itinerary, did not buy any chocolates but ended up eating the Gelato due to the hot weather.

Next post on Sun Moon Lake attraction.

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