Sunday, November 09, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - How to go to City Inn Hotel Branch 3 from Taipei Main Station and/or Airport Bus Terminal and vice versa

We booked our hotel, City Inn Hotel Branch 3 via The reviews of the hotel were splendid and price reasonable so this is our choice of hotel. The hotel is about 5 to 10 mins walk from Taipei Main Station, the big problem is how to avoid stairs if you are carrying huge suitcases. The best option was to look for the sign that directed you to Q Square shopping mall and take the escalators or lifts in Q Square to ground or street level. Look for the sign that mentioned Huayin Street. Once you located Huayin Street, is easy to locate the big logo of Macdonald. City Inn Hotel Branch 3 is just opposite KFC and Macdonald. If unsure where to exit to Huayin Street, always check with the customer service in the mall(See below map for directions to City Inn Hotel Branch 3).

Do not attempt to exit Y7 if you have large suitcases, you need to climb lots of stairs, that was what we found out. Alternatively, if you exit out of Tapei Main Station at ground or street level near Y8 use the Zebra Crossing to get to the hotel but we preferred to exit via Q Square Mall.

Airport buses from the airport might drop you at the Tapei Main Station instead of the Airport Bus Terminal. If you come from the Airport Bus Terminal or wanted to go to the Airport Bus Terminal from City Inn Hotel Branch 3, you can view the directions from the below map. Use the zebra crossing/pedestrian crossing on ground/street level, so that you can avoid stairs.

Please note that there are three City Inn Hotels near Taipei Bus Station, they are City Inn Hotel Branch 1, 2 and 3. Branch 1 is located opposite the Airport Bus Terminal while Branch 2 and 3 are side by side of each other.

Their hotels were very popular and fully booked quickly.

Next post, will post more about the hotel we stayed.

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