Monday, November 11, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 - Day 2 - Taking the local train from Banqiao to Keelung

After our breakfast, we walked over to Banqiao High Speed Rail Station which also houses the Banqiao MRT Station as well as the TRA local train. In future there's one more MRT line coming up in Banqiao that linked directly to Taipei Zoo Station, this line is called Circular Line which is opening very soon. Read more about this line from here.

Our destination for Day 2 sightseeing is Keelung. Now is very easy to take the TRA Train, we just need to use the easycard and tap in and out of the station just as what we did for the MRT Train. We dont have to queue to purchase train tickets from the counters in the train station but for reserved seatings, still need to queue and purchased the tickets from the counters.

It is not necessary to purchase reserved seat ticket, although the train were full at Banqiao station and we need to stand but at Taipei Main Station, most passengers will alight and there's lots of empty seats.

There's toilets in the train which is located in the mid section.

From Banqiao to Keelung, the train journey is about one hour journey and the frequency of the train is every 20 minutes. I forgot how much was the fare. (I think is around S$2 to S$4). Keelung Station is the last station.

Next post, will post more about Keelung.

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