Thursday, November 28, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 - Taipei 101 and Jason Supermarket.

We took the MRT train to Taipei 101. The tall building was impressive but hard to capture photo of the whole building from so near. My next post will tell where to get a good photo of Taipei 101.

As usual Ding Tai Fung Restaurant had a long queue of people trying to eat there. We choose not to dine there.

We visited the Jason Supermarket in Taipei 101. There were lots of fruits on sale and the price is reasonable.

This is my favourite fruit from Taiwan. This is Taiwan Wax Apple not to confuse with the jambu found in South East Asia. The wax apple from Taiwan is also known as Black Diamond, is more rounded in shape like the apple while the jambu fruits in South East Asia is longer and sharper. The taste is different too. The Taiwan Wax Apple is really good and tasty. I would always buy without fail when I visit Taiwan. This year the season is late, the wax apple is smaller. It used to be much bigger. Nevertheless, I bought so many back to the delight of my siblings.

Bought the Persimmon too, it was so huge, bigger than my fist.

Spotted Chiate Pineapple Cakes in the supermarket but the price is slightly higher than the Chiate shop. We decided not to get any from here but will go to Chiate to get the pineapple cakes later. Today is the last day for us to shop the local products.

Spotted also the fruits called custard apples that looked like the buddha head.

Happy with our purchases at Jason Supermarket, we headed to our next destination.

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