Saturday, November 16, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 Day 2 - Keelung - Zhengbin Fishing Port, Miaokou Night Market and Keelung Harbour

On the way back to Keelung City from Heping Island Park, I took these photos of the colourful buildings from inside the shuttle bus. I did not alight at this stop. For photography buffs, is a good place to take photo of the beautiful and colourful buildings. But do note the bus frequency of Bus No. 99 is one every hour or take the inner bus whichi comes more frequenctly but I do not have the details of the local bus timing.

The location of this place is Zhengbin Fishing Port.

We headed to Miaokou Night Market for late lunch. Although is a night market but is open from noon onwards. The night market is only about one street of activities but nearby were many shops worth exploring. Best place to look for local delicacies but we two old folks dont know how to enjoy food much haha and we cant eat much either.

Saw this stall selling the local glutinous rice, very cheap only TWD30.

We then head to a nearby dessert shop for dessert and snacks.

Sweet potato soup with ice and mochi (Muah Chee)

Ice shavings with banana and chocolate syrup

After a long day, we walked towards the Keelung Train Station from the night market, took us less than 10 minutes walk but along the way we saw the Keelung Harbour. Cruise ship do stop at this harbour. Took some photos and headed to the train station and took the hour long train back to Banqiao, Taipei.

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