Sunday, November 03, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 (Taipei) - Day 1 - Making our way from Banqiao Bus Station to Cham Cham Hotel Banqiao

After one hour of bus journey from Taoyuan International Airport to Banqiao Bus Station, we made our way to Cham Cham Hotel Banqiao, where we would stay for 2 nights and 3 nights in Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao.

It took us less than 10 minutes to walk from the bus station to our hotel. Cham Cham Hotel, Hilton Hotel and Caesar Park Hotel are all interconnected. We just had to walk through the building at Caesar Park Hotel and walked through to Cham Cham Hotel instead of walking on the main road and make a big round about. (Look at the below map).

Cham Cham Hotel is a four star hotel and very popular with group tour. The only negative I had with this hotel was that they only had three lifts and when we were going for our breakfast, we had a problem taking the lifts, there happen to be a big group of Japanese students checking out in the morning, the lifts were full and after waiting many rounds with full lifts, we decided to walk down using the stairs. Luckily, we were only on the fifth floor, we had to walk all the way down. And in the night, when we bumped into another group of tourists, they were utilising all the three lifts, we had to go for another walk around the area to return to use the lift.

It's was near Halloween, the hotel was decorated with halloween decorations. The hotel staffs were very friendly and helpful. There's no restaurant in the hotel, for breakfast, hotel guests need to walk over to Caesar Park Hotel and use the restaurant there for the morning breakfast. We did not booked our accomodation with breakfast. For breakfast, need add TWD650 per person. We find it was expensive and not necessary as there are a lot of eateries nearby and the high speed rail station had a basement that's full of restaurants and cafes, etc (Will post about it in later post.) We actually had breakfast in those local eateries just opposite Cham Cham Hotel and it was cheap.

We booked the twin room and the hotel is very spacious and clean. The hotel is newly built.

The wardrobe does not comes with doors. There's a safe in one of the drawer. The room comes with mini bar too but no complimentary drinks except for two bottles of mineral water daily.

As the hotel is fully booked with so many Japanese students during our stay there, we were given the room with handicapped facilities. We are ok with it. The toilet is very spacious and a lot of emergency buttons as it was a handicapped toilet. Even the rubbish bin comes with sensor so as the toilet flush. Very thoughtful for the handicapped guests.

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