Sunday, November 10, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 (Taipei) - Day 2 - Morning Breakfast at traditional coffee shop opposite Cham Cham Hotel Banqiao

Fresh start on Day 2, as we did not booked our breakfast with the hotel, we headed to the traditional coffee shops which sell both taiwanese local breakfast and western breakfast. The coffee shops were conveniently located just opposited Cham Cham Hotel. And the price is very cheap.

We had soya bean drink, raddish cake and taiwanese local pan cakes.

If in a hurry to catch train, can always buy the breakfast from these push carts (they were from the shops located in global mall), in the basement level of Banqiao High Speed Rail. I saw people grab these breakfast and eat in the trains.

After breakfast, we headed to the train station at Banqiao High Speed Train Station to take a local train to Keelung. More about Keelung on next post.

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