Thursday, November 14, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 Day 2 - Heping Island Park, Keelung

The admission fee for the park is TWD80 and during winter the fee is cheaper but I guess will be too cold to enjoy some of the facilities like swimming in the park.

The scenery is really beautiful.

Too bad they closed off the walking pathway towards the coastal area. Otherwise is beautiful to watch the waves up close but I guess the tide is too high and dangerous for walking for the momen

The park is huge and the scenery of the sea and coast with waves splashing is really superb. Highly recommended to visit this place.

There are facilties for swimming with the natural sea water in the park and sand playing and I loved best the cafe overlooking the coast. Sipping coffee and watching the scenery.

I did not take much photos or videos, you might want to look at this Taiwanese You Tuber video on Heping Island Park. He described the best but only in mandarin.

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