Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vietnam - Hotel in Vung Tau

Finally, we arrived at Vung Tau, we allowed one hour to rest in the hotel cause in the night we are going for the cyclo ride(trishaw) and tour round the city of Vung Tau. Oh boy, am I so tired and feverish, sigh. Rush to my hotel room and threw everything I ate during lunch (or did I eat anything during I felt so much better after threwing up and downing two panadols to ease my migraine.

Vung tau is so much different from Ho Chi Minh City, there aren't much traffic and the air is definitely fresher over here and the sea view is defintely very refreshing.

The lobby of the 3 star hotel looked so beautiful and impressive.

But inside the hotel room looked so dull. But the bed is surely very comfortable. Good thing, it was only for a night.

I will post photos of the hotel I stay in Ho Chi Minh City in future posts. That hotel looked nicer.

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