Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vietnam - On the way to Vung Tau - Garden

After touring Chu Chi Tunnel, we left to head to Vung Tau. Vung Tau is also known as "Hawaii" of Vietnam.

Vung Tau was about 3 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City but as we were departing from Chu Chi, throw in one more hour to our journey.

At this point, I was already falling sick. The hot weather was making me so feverish and I had a bad headache.

Halfway through our journey, we stop at this beautiful restaurant with a very beautiful garden where many wedding couples came here for their wedding shoot.

Even though I was not feeling well, I waste no time in taking photo of some of these beautiful flowers.
This is so cute, never see water lily grown in a small boat. Very smart and creative.

Lotus plant - the lotus was grown in a big pot.

Did you spot a big jackfruit at the bottom of the tree?
Canon Ball Tree

It was a waste I did not take a photo of the restaurant, my head was heavy and feverish and I have no appetite for lunch too. They decorated the trishaw with lots of fruits.

Just one of the many wedding brides that we spotted at the garden.

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