Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vietnam - Vung Tau - Goddess of Mercy

This is so beautiful. It is the Goddess of Mercy. I used my faithful camera to zoom on it and it turned out so beautiful with the dark clouds behind it. The days that we were in Vietnam, the weather was a killer at 37 degrees celsius and not a sight of a single raindrops despite being the rainy season in Vietnam.

Maybe the Goddess of Mercy heard about our complain, after visiting the temple, we had a heavy rainfall for about 20 minutes after we left the temple. Maybe she bless us. :)

The statue is so tall at 18 metres.

The same thing happen in this temple, the vendors followed us and continued selling their wares to us.


escape said...

this are great places that i missed. you just tell me that i should go back to hcmc again.

alicesg said...

Dong Ho, it is difficult to cover the whole of Vietnam. I did not visit North Vietnam, might do so if time permit. I am hoping for another trip soon...hahaha.