Saturday, July 11, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 -Sapporo - Day 1 - Dinner at Stellar Place, Sapporo

After much rest in the hotel, we headed for Dinner. On the 8th floor of Daimaru were rows of restaurants offering Japanese, Chinese, western, etc cusines, prices were reasonable, but we were more attracted by the restaurants on the 6th floor of Stellar Place (just opposite Daimaru). Both are within Sapporo Station.

Within Sapporo Station, there were many restaurants and some are really very cheap (only few hundred yen for a bowl of noodle),there's even fast food restaurnts , no problem finding food in Japan.

We were so impressed by the Nangokusyuka Restaurant (Chinese Restaurant) that we dined there three times hahaha.

Most restaurants will have these window displays of their food with the price indicated. What you see in the window display of food, is exactly what they served. Unless you have Japanese friends with you or you know Japanese, best to go to the restaurants with prices indicated cause they dont speak fluent English.

Some restaurants always have set meal for one person, I caught sight of many Japanese dining alone.

Stellar Place Dining Guide.

Food menu - you could see the price is really reasonable and of course I came at the right time, the exchange rate for Singapore Dollar is really very good. I changed 1000 yen = S$10.98.

Our strong Singapore Dollar really make my trip and shopping very affordable. I was so surprised we only spend about S$2,100+ per person for the airfare, hotel, transport, food and including shopping expenses (we really shop a lot), for 4 nights in Sapporo, 3 nights in Tokyo.

And of course I did not take any bullet train as this is the first time I visited Japan, so I just recce first in Sapporo, Otaru and Tokyo.

Now I am more confident about travelling in Japan, looking forward to taking the bullet train in future visits.

Always have the impression Japan is so expensive and out of reach, I guess the good exchange rate helps.

Claypot seafood noodle - really tasted good and steaming hot

Fried Rice - very good

Were served hot tea after dinner

Nice view of the city from the restaurant

Our bill 2268 yen = S$24.90

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