Thursday, July 09, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Day 1 - Taking JR Rapid Train from Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station

After claiming our luggages, we exited the departure hall. Right infront is the bus transport company booth and information centre. We decided not to take the bus, we opt to take the JR Rapid Train.

The JR Rapid train is 35 minutes cost 1070 yen for one way, there's 4 trains per hour. Seat reservations are optional and cost an extra of 310 yen. The trains are covered by the Japan Rail Pass and Hokkaido Rail Pass too.

Airport buses operate every 15 minutes between the airport and various places in downtown Sapporo, including Susukino, Odori Park and Sapporo Station. Some of the buses also serve selected major hotels in the city. The one way trip takes about 70-90 minutes and costs 1030 yen.

You can view more from the Japan Guide's website.

The JR Rapid Train Station is at the basement level.

Train Tickets could purchased from the ticket machine but for seat reservations need to buy from the staff at the JR information desk (just beside the ticket machines).

We bought the seat reservations but in my opinion, if not travelling during peak hours (i.e. students and office workers going to school/work, not necessary to buy the seat reservation)

Just insert the ticket in the slot at the gate gantry and remember to collect the ticket from the other slot, proceed to the train, look at the screen on the top for the correct train timing if you are on seat reservation tickets otherwise can just hop on any airport rapid train to Sapporo Statiion. The airport station is the terminal of the Airport Rapid Train.

Car No. 4 is only for those with seat reservation tickets , look for your seat no. and sit quietly and dont talk too loudly and they dont allow use of handphones too so as not to disturb the other passengers. Car no. 4 had a compartment area/rack for our huge luggages while the other cars/cabins do not have but is okay if is not crowded (the other cabins are just like our mrt/metro train with seats facing each other.

The train warden only check tickets in Car no. 4.

On arrival at Sapporo Station, remember to bring your tickets along.

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