Sunday, July 19, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 2 - Dinner at Ramen Alley

For dinner, we decided to have Ramen at Ramen Alley after hearing and reading about its popularity.

But I really think is a kind of touristy thing to do what others are doing hahaha but I think you will not be disappointed if you cant find the Ramen Alley cause back at Sapporo Station, there's many Ramen Shops offering the same.

The above map is a bit hard to understand, so we ask help from a Japanese lady for the directions to Ramen Alley. She seems to be waiting for somebody. A little of language problem but she understand the word "Ramen" so she went up the escalator with us, cross one road and brought us to a Ramen Shop which is not correct but we were very thankful for her help and trouble. Felt a bit bad for causing her to waste her time bringing us, so impressed with the Japanese people that we came across, they were very polite and helpful and really go all the way to help us despite the language problem.

She actually brought us to another Ramen Shop which is one building infront of the Ramen Alley, we wandered around and finally found the Ramen Alley.

Hopefully, my memory is correct. To reach Ramen Alley, exit from exit 4 of Susukino Station, U turn from exit 4 to cross the road, turn right then turn left and the dark little Ramen Alley is opposite.

It's really a short dark alley. Looked very deserted but there's people inside the restaurants along the alley.

The famous shop that was visited by many celebrities and even a very famous Chef is right at the end of the alley.

I had the miso noodles 800 yen.

Hubby had the Char Siu Noodles 1100 yen.

Spotted this vendor selling corn and sweet potatoes before we had dinner, wanted to buy after we finished our dinner but so disappointed that she left after we had our dinner. Sobs, it would really be nice to eat some hot sweet potato in the cold weather. At night, the temperature was around 13 degrees. Brrr..

After dinner, we walked around the area and spotted many nice restaurants and shops too. I was too cold to take any photos. Saw a small street corner shop selling steaming hot meat bao but was too full to eat anymore.

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