Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Day 5 - Chitose Domestic Airport -Bye Bye Sapporo

Finally, is time to bid Sapporo bye bye and continued our adventure in Tokyo. We dragged our luggage to Sapporo Train Station to board the Rapid Airport Express Train to Chitose Domestic Airport. Originally, we wanted to buy the train ticket with seat reservations, but on seeing the long queue in the ticket office, we decided not to buy the seat reservations. Without seat reservations(310 yen), we can just use the ticket vending machine and purchase the train ticket 1070 yen. As it was not peak hours, the train is quite empty. So we actually save 310 yen x two tickets. We need to board the train at Track 6 to go to the airport. The journey is about 40 minutes.

On arrival at the airport, we just followed the sign that indicated Domestic Flights. Go to Counter 3 for Japan Airlines to check in our bag.

The airport is very interesting, looked like a shopping mall with a supermarket, they even sell dried and frozen fishes, crabs, etc. And of course we did some last minute shopping for melon chocolates that my niece requested me to buy for her. (Did not take photo of the melon chocolates,but you can google for the image.)

There's many restaurants in the airport too but we decided to have lunch in the food court.

So is bye bye to Sapporo and Hello Tokyo for the next three days.

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