Saturday, July 18, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Sapporo - Otaru - Sakaimachi Street

After touring Otaru Canal, time to cross over to Sakaimachi Street. Be prepared to part with your $$$, lots of cute souvenirs.

It was summer but temperature was only 17.4 degrees celsius but when the wind blows, feel colder than that.

After crossing over from Otaru Canal, we came across Venetian Art Museum, it has both front and back entrances, Sakaimachi Street is at the back entrance of Venetian Art Museum.

Sa Shi Su Se So shop sells very beautiful and different designs soy sauce bottles. Did not take photos of the inside of the shop cause do not want to be rude.

Two famous Hokkaido Cream Puff pastry shops sitting side by side each other. If you want to buy the cream puff back to your country, do check the expiry date cause it has very short expiry date for the cream puff to ensure the freshness.

Another famous coffee shop along the street is the hello kitty cups where you bring home the cups after drinking.

The famous music box shop is diagonally opposite this coffee shop, and the coffee shop is just opposite the two famous cream puff pastry shop. The music box shop is just at the corner end of Sakaimachi Street.

Lots of beautiful music boxes for sale here, very adorable. You can also DIY your own music box for a fee. I did not go for the craft, would take about more than 1 hour, I was not feeling well to begin with.

There's a tourist information centre in the middle of Sakaimachi Street, do not hesitate if you want to enquire anything from the centre. The staff speak good english.

After much shopping for souvenirs, time to depart Otaru back to our hotel to rest before heading to Tanukikoji Shopping in the night.

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