Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 2 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip 2017 - Nanjing Massacre Memorial

After our visit to Zhonghuamen, we decided to visit Nanjing Massacre Memorial. If we will to take the metro, we need to walk 10 minutes from Zhonghuamen Wall to Zhonghuamen Metro Station and need change train at Xinjiekou Metro Station to Yunjinlu Metro Station. Very troublesome. Luckily at the bus stop near Zhonghuamen Wall, I noticed the bus stop had Bus no. 63, I found that the bus will go to Nanjing Massacre Memorial. We double checked with the bus driver and he confirmed that the bus indeed will go to the memorial. The bus driver only speaks mandarin, so if you do not speak mandarin, you can show him the map or picture of the memorial. The fare was RMB2 only. So this saves us from walking to the metro station and need change trains too. We just take one bus directly to the memorial.

There's announcement at every bus stop to indicate the destination of the bus stop but only in mandarin.

On arrival at the memorial, the driver alert us to our destination and we alighted. But to our horror, there's a big crowd and long queue to the memorial. It's was the Qing Ming Festival or tomb sweeping day (three public holidays), citizens came to pay their respects to the victims of the war. We almost give up the idea of visiting the memorial but saw that the queue was moving fast despite the long queue. Took us less than 15 minutes to enter the memorial. It was so huge and can contained so many visitors.

Quite sad to see the statues, a reminder of the horrors of world war II, which my late grandparents and parents undergone the horror of world war II when the Japanese invaded Singapore and they used to tell us the horror and sad story of the war.

No photography allowed inside the museum.

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