Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day4 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip 2017 - Huachen Hotel Hangzhou

Finally we arrived in Hangzhou after one and half hour train ride from Nanjing. Everything was so easy, just followed the signs (both in Mandarin and English). We can take the metro from Hangzhou East Railway Station to our hotel. But the weather was so strange, when we arrived in Nanjing on Day 1, it was around 19 degrees and everyday the temperature was lower and lower. In Hangzhou, the temperature drops further around 14 degrees and was raining. It was difficult to drag our luggage in the rain, from metro station to our hotel no matter how near. The metro station to our hotel was a mere 5 or 7 minutes walk (need cross 2 small roads). Too cold to walk in the open too. So taxi was our choice, we walked to the taxi stand, saw a long queue but there were many taxis and the queue moved very fast. I showed the driver the paper where I printed the hotel name and address. So there's no problem with the communication. The taxi fare from Hangzhou East Railway Station to our hotel in Pinghai Road was RMB45 (there's a slight traffic jam).

Our hotel in Pinghai Road, can be access via the metro. The metro station is Longxiangqiao Station. Exit D and turn left and walked along Pinghai Road, will be able to see the hotel. The wonderful thing about Exit D of Longxiangqiao was there's a food court in that exit (will talked more in later post).

Huachen Hotel is a bit dated hotel but since gone through some renovations. Quite cozy and comfortable, every night I slept so soundly.

We booked our hotel throught, cheaper than booked direct with the hotel. It did not comes with breakfast. On enquiring, the staff told us if we booked the breakfast one day in advance will be RMB58 (S$11+) per person instead of RMB78. Since the weather was so cold, make sense to take the breakfast in the hotel and it was not expensive. So we decided to buy the breakfast vouchers for the three mornings that we were there.

The beds were cozy and room very clean.

All things in the basket are chargeable except for the free mineral water. Everyday there's will be 2 bottles of free mineral water.

I prefer shower in the bathroom instead of bathtub cause both of us are old and safer to use shower room instead of climbing into the bathtub.

Toiletriies in the pouch bag are free to use, the others wrapped in plastic are chargeable.

No air conditioning in the room as weather is still very cold, open the window for natural air conditioning. But best get a room away from the road, at times, it can be noisy but at night, all's quiet.

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