Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 3 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip 2017 - Sun Yat Sen mausoleum

After visiting the Ming Tomb, we had to walk about less than a minute to another tram station, (the tram station infront of the ming tomb go to the Linggu Temple), but we wanted to visit Sun Yat Sen Memorial, if unsure which tram station to take, ask the staff.

We bought the tram tickets to Sun Yat Sen Memorial, the tram ticket is RMB10 per person. It was about a minute away from each attraction but need 30 minutes if by foot.

We arrived at the other tram station outside Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

As the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the father of the Republic of China, it is considered the Holy land of Chinese people both home and abroad. With deep historical significance, magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, it is a must see when visiting Nanjing. To read more about the history, read from source.

To reach the top of the mausoleum, we need to climb more than 300 steps.

View from the top.

Entering the Hall, a 4.6-meter-high stone statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen sits in the center. He wears long gown with eyes facing forward, with an open book on his lap, demonstrating the wisdom of the great thinker. At the foot of the statue, there are six embossments exhibiting in vivid pictures Dr. Sun Yat-sen's glorious life and struggles in his revolution. The door of the tomb is in the center of the back wall. The whole tomb is a hemispherical in shape, with the marble coffin of Dr. Sun Yat-sen set in the center of the chamber. His white marble statue rests atop the rectangle coffin, under which this historical giant forever sleeps. (Source: TravelChinaGuide.) Photography is not allowed inside the hall. We were also not allowed into the chamber.

After visiting, we climbed back down, we decided to try taking the public bus instead of the tram to the metro station after seeing the signboard that indicated public bus. It was about more than 10 minutes walk to the big car park where the bus stop was. We also had lunch at Macdonald near the big car park and bus stop. There's a lot of restaurants and eateries around there.

Bus 34 or Bus 201 will goes down to the Xiamafang Metro Station for RMB2. After alighting Bus 201, we saw the bus stop that indicated Bus 34 goes to Xinjiekou. Oh dear, we should have taken Bus 34 all the way back to Xinjiekou instead of taking Bus 201 and change to the metro hahaha.

There's tram near the metro station to bring visitors up to the attractions.

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