Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nanjing and Hangzhou Trip 2017- Day 1 - Scoots Airlines

Finally, we had our China trip. First time, we are flying with Scoots. We decided to fly into Nanjing first cause it was a morning flight (10 plus am) and landed in Nanjing in the afternoon around 3 plus pm., stay 3 nights then we would take a high speed rail train from nanjing to hangzhou, stay 3 nights and fly back to Singapore from Hangzhou.

The seat were spacious and plenty of leg room.

We pre order our meals. I had the nasi lemak that comes with a drink and chocolate.

Hubby ordered stew chicken and rice but they had some mistake in the order and replaced with roast chicken thigh and potatoes. We were not fussy, so just accept their mistake.

I had fun playing with the window hahaha, the window could be adjusted by pressing the button to tint the glass. It was nice, instead of a pull down shade to block the sun and not able to see the outside cloud/scenery, Scoots window can be tinted to block the sun and yet we could see outside the window.

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