Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 2 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip - Zhonghuamen (City wall of Nanjing)

After purchasing our train tickets from Nanjing South Railway Station, we made our way to visit Zhonghuamen. We could take a metro from Nanjing South Railway Metro Station and go to Zhonghuamen Metro Station(only 5 stops) but from Zhonghuamen Metro Station, need walk about 10 minutes from that station to Zhonghuamen. Alternatively, can take bus (one or two bus stop) from Zhonghuamen Metro Station to Zhonghuamen. We choose to take the taxi and only costs us RMB35.

If choose to take bus, can check at the bus stop, there's a board with the bus number with the bus route(but in mandarin) but defintely No. 63 goes there (one bus stop away from Zhonghuamen Metro Station , can see the nanjing wall, just walked towards it). Do not take the bus from the wrong direction, if unsure ask the people around you.

Admission ticket is RMB50 per adult and half price for senior citizen and for children free of charge if accompanied by adults.

Nice place to visit, rich history.

Video of Zhonghuamen (City wall of Nanjing)

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