Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 3 - Nanjing/Hangzhou 2017 - Hunan Road (Shopping Street)

Our last night in Nanjing, we had dinner at the same chinese economical shop opposite our hotel.

As we were earlier than the first day, there's more dishes to choose from. Our dinner was less than S$10.

Decided to head to Hunan Road (Hunan lu), took the metro and alight at Xuanwu Gate Station (RMB2). From the map, Huan Road is just one street from Hotel Phoenix. There's a lot of construction along the road. (Construction work for new Metro line.)

Found nothing interesting in this pedestrial shopping street, not worth coming here, we decided head back to Xinjiekou for last minute shopping in Nanjing.

Back at Xinjiekou, just watching the people going by their business, was also a good idea to spend the night.

The weather was getting colder when we were there, temperature drops to 14 degrees, even the dogs need winter coat.

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