Thursday, April 07, 2011

Malaysia - Penang - Bus Stop

Day 2 of our Penang trip - feeling very fresh from a good night sleep in the comfortable bed, we headed down to the hotel cafe and have a buffet breakfast. Although there are many eateries near the hotel that sells many varieties of good food at very cheap prices, we opt for some luxury in the morning eating buffet breakfast in the hotel. The buffet is so good and they change most of the items daily. :) Did not take photo of the buffet for Day 2 but I took some photos of the buffet on Day 3. After a good breakfast and some rest, we started to do some sightseeing. It started to drizzle at this point. More rain will come in the later part of my story...sigh. With some help from the friendly staff at the hotel, we headed to the bus stop opposite the Indian Odeon Theatre which is 1 or 2 mins walk from our hotel. This is the bus stop no. 8 of the free CATS shuttle bus which bring you to Komtar (i.e. Bus Stop 9 at komtar... which I explained earlier in my previous post) after this stop and then it will go to Bus stop 10, 11 and then back to Bus Stop 12 (Bus Stop 12 is in front of the wet market) which is one bus stop after this no. 8. It is quite complicating. So if you are heading to Komtar shopping mall, you take the free bus at free bus stop no. 8 but if you want to visit the heritage area of George town, you have to walk one bus stop away (i.e. the free shuttle bus stop no. 12). For other paid buses of Rapid Penang, you can take from either bus stops (no. 8 or no. 12) cause they all go to other parts of the city and also to komtar. It is quite challenging to take bus in Penang cause not all the bus stops have the bus numbers indicated at the bus stop. Only important places of attraction, etc , do they indicate the number of the buses that stop there. Most of the time, you have to guess what bus number stop But is always wise to ask any of the locals. Most of the time, they are very friendly and helpful. As I have bought the bus passport which allowed me unlimited rides on the Rapid Penang Bus, I seldom take the free shuttle bus which comes every interval of 30 minutes while the public bus is more frequent. I always love to take Bus no. 101 which comes every 7 minutes. I hope the above information is clear and useful to those who plan to visit Penang.

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