Friday, April 08, 2011

Malaysia - Penang - Reclining Buddha

We took Bus No. 101 from our hotel to reach Wat Chayamangkalaram or what the locals called it the sleeping buddha temple. I told the driver to shout for us when we reach the temple cause we are not familar with Penang. After about 10 to 15 minutes ride, we reach our destination and the friendly driver pointed the temple and told us that's the place we wanted to go. The rain start pouring at this time. sigh. We need to remove our hats/shoes before we enter the temple.

The reclining buddha is about 33 metres long. Standing at the corner of the temple, I managed to capture the whole buddha in my camera. So very pleased. :)

After some prayers and photography in the temple, the rain finally stop.
I quickly took some photos of the temple outside.
Opposite the reclining buddha temple, was this burmese buddhist temple.
We strolled around the area and saw this penang school.
As the dark clouds are still looming above us, we quickly walked to the main road and take the bus no 101 back to komtar (near our hotel). We wanted to visit Kek Lok Si Temple but there is no bus from the reclining temple to kek lok si temple, so the only way beside taking taxi was to go back to komtar and change to another bus to Kek Lok Si Temple. Bus No. 101 is a very frequent bus, we dont have to wait very long for it to come.


Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang said...

This is one temple which eluded me,
ah! i am in Penang again for a week.

alicesg said...

Wow nice to be in Penang for a week. Hope you have a great time.