Sunday, April 03, 2011

Malaysia - Penang - Waiting to board the plane

It was a last minute decision to visit Penang. Was supposed to go Japan but because of the earthquake, our trip was cancelled by the travel agent. We had to pay $50 each for the cancellation fee even though it was cancelled by the travel agent. It sucks cause they could not conduct the tour but no idea why we as consumer still need to pay cancellation fee. The money is better spend donating to the victims than to the travel agent. Anyway, I bought the travel insurance one day before the earthquake so I am entitled to claim from the insurance company and I have already received the money from NTUC Insurance, now that is super fast. I still waiting for the full refund of my money from the travel agent, was told they need four to six weeks. My journey to Penang begins from the computer in my home. We booked our airfare online with Jetstar. Find the date and fare that suited me and print out the Jetstar Itinerary. We need to present this itinerary on checking in at the Jetstar counter at the airport. We decided to book the carry on baggage only fare cause I doubt I will be shopping much. The airfare differs on different departure date and peak season, so book your airfare early for cheaper price. After checking in, we had lunch in Changi Airport Terminal 1. Lots of food and at reasonable prices. Still lots of renovation going on in Terminal 1 and the renovation will be finished in 2012. Love the thick coffee at killiney kopitiam. There are local and western food in the food hall at terminal 1...yummy. We started going in the departure gate half an hour before departure time and children and elderly and those sitting in the back rows are allowed to board first. They are quite strict so if your turn are not up, they dont let you board the plane first. I think that is very organised and systematic, very good, so people dont rush to board at the same time. As soon we are in the plane, it started to rain so heavily. It took only one hour and twenty mintues for us to reach Penang. Penang Airport.


Unknown said...

Have a lovely holiday in Penang - it is one of our favourite local destinations.

Can you contact me at my email address ? Thanks

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang said...

Oh! You're there and must have left home by now,
i hope you have a nice trip.