Saturday, April 16, 2011

Malaysia - Penang - Gurney Drive Food Centre

On our 2nd day of visit to Penang, we visited Gurney Drive Food Centre in the night. Looking at the guide book, we took Bus No. 103 as stated in it. Feeling so confident we did not ask the driver to notify us when the bus reach the food centre, big Even though we had visited the food centre we still lose our way. We saw Gurney Plaza, and should alight at the bus stop opposite Gurney Plaza as the food centre is just beside Gurney Plaza. When the bus passed the food centre, we saw the food centre but by the time we alight from the bus it was about two bus stops away. So we just crossed the road and try to take Bus No. 103 back to the food centre. But so strange after 45 minutes no Bus No. 103....argggh and the bus stop was so deserted and no taxi in sight. Finally, we met a lady and asked her about why bus no. 103 did not arrived, she replied that we dont have to wait for bus no. 103 we can take any bus that passed this bus stop. I felt kind of stupid, cause about seven or eight Bus no. 101 passed us. So we take the next bus no. 101 (still no sight of bus no. 103 - did I mentioned before they dont have indicators on the bus stop to show what bus nos. arrived at the bus stop - we have to guess). By this time the rain was pouring so heavily.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, hubby and me made our way to Gurney Drive Food Centre in the rain.

Soon the sky was so dark and the rain was so heavy and it was difficult to see nor ordered food. We sat under a huge umbrella feeling cold and miserable (sobs.). We ordered some hot claypot rice to keep us warm. It tasted so good, maybe we were so hungry and cold.

Then we had some popiah, tasted different from our Singapore version, it had some assam taste in it.
You can see how wet the food centre was.

After our meals, we headed to Gurney Plaza (just next to the food centre) to window shop in our very wet shoes. Really really very miserable now.

Still feeling very hungry, we ate some donuts at the mall and we are still hungry. Find out in my next post what we ate for


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