Sunday, April 17, 2011

Penang Malaysia - Supper

After we left Gurney Plaza, we took Bus No. 101 back to our hotel. We were still feeling hungry, could be due to the heavy rain and feeling so

We popped over to the coffee shop just opposite our hotel and had some supper and hot drinks.

OMG, the prices are in Malaysian Dollars and they are so cheap. :)

This is Roti Canai equivalent to our Roti Prata and each costs only 90sen (i.e. about 37 singapore cents - very cheap).

The coffeeshop by night I think it is a 24hours coffee shop.

The coffee shop by day.

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escape said...

oh those prata! when i was in SG last january that's something that i tried and loved. from that time on i went to look for prata here in manila. and found one... only one shop. lucky me.